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Employee Highlight!

Who are we here at All American Refinishing? Let me share a little bit about what makes our company so outstanding - our employees!

This is the first in a series of profiles on All-American Refinishing employees, which will be highlighted throughout the year. Let’s start with Christina….

Christina Berezowski is originally from upstate New York.

Christina has been in Florida since the 1980’s. She came to us with no knowledge or experience in the refinishing industry. With a dynamic and tremendous drive she has excelled in the process of refinishing. Now going on two years with All American Refinishing, she’s on track for a supervisory position in charge of 6 technicians reporting directly to her. Christina gives 110% to quality assurance. She is a great role model for new hires, educating the customer on the process and setting employee expectations; a true professional in her work ethics.

On a personal note, Christina is an animal activist. She volunteers her time assisting animal rescue and providing a loving home to those animals that need fostering. We have seen her come to work tired from rescuing abused, sick and abandon animals she had picked up the night before, sometimes way into the wee hours. She volunteers her time with “helping paws 22”, a non-profit animal rescue in Ft. Myers, FL.

A person with a BIG heart, hard- working, and dedicated to assisting others - what an asset to our company!

Learn more about All American Refinishing by visiting us online at!

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