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Gobbling Our Way Into Thanksgiving

That’s right – It’s turkey time!

Though turkey seems to be the all - American emblem of our most celebrated foodie holiday, that big bird has had a colorful, exotic history - and a few stamps on its passport.

Our nation’s favorite drumstick source has strutted around North America and was celebrated as the centerpiece of a thanksgiving meal long before the famous bread - breaking in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Spanish explorers found turkeys in North America in the 1500’s and brought them back to Europe. When Turkish merchants bought the birds from the Spanish and started selling them in London, the English called them turkeys because they assumed that’s where they originated. Eventually the turkey made its way back to New England for its starring role in history.

America’s favorite dessert to end their Thanksgiving meal is pie. Here are the most popular sold in 2014:

#1 Apple

#2 Chocolate and Pumpkin (Tie)

#3 Cherry

No matter what you eat, the most important part of the holiday is whom you spend it with.

Here’s to you and yours this Thanksgiving.

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