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What you Need to Know Before Refinishing your Bathtub

Many homeowners have never understood the amount of work that’s required when refinishing a bathtub. You might think that bathtub refinishing involves just painting work only. Well, that’s not the case. About ninety-eight percent of the refinishing work involves preparation before anything else is done. It’s important to note that refinishing your bathtub, despite being a simple task, is a very effective and less costly way to providing an entirely new and attractive look to your bathroom space.

You don’t want to spend time in a worn out, chipped, and stained bathtub, right? Don’t forget that your bathroom is the busiest room in your home. Apart from the kitchen, this is the only room you spend most time each day. We already indicated that most of the work involves preparation. The remaining two percent involves making use of a quality refinishing coating and the expertise of a Fort Lauderdale bathtub refinisher. Our professionals at All American Refinishing in can help refinish your bathtub or entire bathroom. Here are questions to ask yourself when in need of bathtub refinishing services in Fort Lauderdale.

What is Bathtub Refinishing?

Before doing anything else, it’s important to understand what bathtub refinishing is all about. Also referred to as bathtub re-glazing, bathtub refinishing is a process that involves applying a coating to the surface of a tub with the aim of renewing its look and appearance. The process requires significantly less amount of time and labor as compared to remodeling or rather replacing your entire bathtub. Furthermore, it’s hassle-free as the amount of disruption is less as well.

Can my Bathtub be refinished?

Now that you’ve understood what bathtub refinishing involves, the nest thing to determine is whether or not your bathtub can be refinished. There are different types of bathtubs made of different materials ranging from acrylic to steel to fiberglass to cast iron. You should, therefore, start by knowing the type of bathtub in your home and determining whether or not it has been refinished previously. The approach to be used when refinishing your bathtub may depend on several circumstances. However, note that, in most cases, your bathtub or bathroom can be refinished.

Should I Try Refinishing the Bathtub myself?

As mentioned, bathtub refinishing involves more than just cleaning and brushing off the bathtub surface. You don’t want to end up spending more money in the long run for doing an improper job. Hiring a professional Fort Lauderdale bathtub Refinisher to do the job for you will ensure proper preparation and quality bathtub refinishing product. If you want a bathtub finish that will not only look lustrous but also last for years, work with a professional bathtub refinisher.

The bathtub surface must be prepared first before the surrounding areas are masked off and painted. Note that the process may vary from one refinishing contractor to the other. However, some of the things needed include an adhesive material and a heavy duty cleaner. At All American Refinishing, we use qualified Fort Lauderdale bathroom refinishing professionals and products that have a track record. Let us take care of all your bathtub resurfacing needs.

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