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Three Signs you Need Bathtub Refinishing

How much time do you spend in your bathroom every day? Probably you have never even thought about it, but the fact is that you spend more time in this room than any other room in your home. Well, the kitchen may come second or first depending on several factors. It, therefore, follows that these two rooms should look not only good and attractive but also feel comfortable even as they maintain their functionality.

It’s important to note that you cannot achieve this without seeking professional help. Your routine cleaning and maintenance practices are not enough to ensure your bathroom or kitchen look nice and feel comfortable. Serving the entire Fort Lauderdale, FL area, the expert bathtub and kitchen re-glazers at All American Refinishing Inc. will help restore your important fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen back to a good working order and a beautiful and attractive state. We refinish at our finest. Here are some of the signs that indicate it’s time to refinish your bathtub.

Spots and Discoloration

If you’re always keen, you must have realized that your shower or bathtub usually has misshapen areas, especially towards the bottom. That explains why water slowly accumulates before resulting in discoloration, spots, and even rusting in these areas. The fact that water often rests in your bathtub or shower also means these fixtures are likely to experience unsightly spots and discoloration. You don’t want to have a bathtub with such unsightly spots. If you notice any signs of discoloration, be sure to schedule refinishing right away to deal with the issue before it worsens. Fort Lauderdale bathtub Refinishing professionals gladly help fix the problem.

Presence of Rust

Tubs, showers, sinks, and other bathroom fixtures usually accumulate rust as they are used over time. Despite being a common thing, you should never stand for it. Refinishing your bathroom space helps to eliminate and get rid of all signs of rust. Rust in your bathtub and especially around the metal drain should never be ignored. Hire a refinishing professional to assess your bathroom fixtures and know if there’s need to refinish your bathroom space.


To identify whether or not your bathtub has some cracks, you must carefully take a good look at its surface. The presence of cracks, major or minor, in the porcelain is an indication it’s time to refinish your bathtub. It’s recommended to refinish your porcelain tub before the cracking develops extensively. Note that tub refinishing saves time and is less costly compared to replacing your tub. Never ignore splits in your bathtub. Hire a Fort Lauderdale refinishing Service to help refinish your tub whenever you see signs of cracking.

Your Bathtub Just Won’t Come Clean

Over time, as you use your bathtub, its surface start wearing down, and it becomes quite difficult to keep contaminants and dirt out. You might try using abrasive cleaners or bleaching your tub when cleaning but it still gets dirty within a short time. Why? The glaze has worn out, become porous, and now allows dirt and other contaminants to enter. If your bathtub can’t come clean, it’s time to contact a qualified bathroom refinishing professional in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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