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What you Need to Understand about Bathroom Tile Refinishing

Very few homeowners understand what tile refinishing is all about. Let’s just say it’s not unusual and uncommon for Fort Lauderdale residents to be unaware or misinformed about bathroom tile refinishing. Most of those who don’t know about what’s involved in tile refinishing have never considered investing in these services. It’s always important to understand something before engaging in it. That’s how you avoid mistakes and even get to know the importance or rather benefits you can get from it.

With the help of the team at All American Refinishing, you can understand the entire process of getting your bathroom tiles professionally refinished. It’s never wrong to ask questions. Serving Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the surrounding areas for years, these refinishing experts are highly skilled and experienced. Here are some of the questions you’re likely to have about refinishing tiles.

What is Tile refinishing?

Tile refinishing is a process that involves the use of clear finishes, bonding agents, primers, top coats, and specialized tools and equipment. Most people tend to confuse painting and refinishing not knowing these are two different processes. The difference between these two processes can be seen in the duration the new surface lasts, durability, as well as the surface gloss. Refinishing, unlike painting, helps to bring back or rather restore the lustrous look and shine your tiles originally possessed. This is the perfect solution to give the tiles in your home a newly glazed appearance without necessarily investing in costly renovations or replacements.

What happens if my Tiles are damaged?

As mentioned, tile refinishing is the perfect solution to reproducing the look of original tile. If your tiles are scratched and chipped, refinishing professionals start by filling the spaces and gaps using premium products to ensure the surface is smooth first. It’s important that the tiles are made to look as good as new before they are re-glazed.

What’s the role of a Primer?

The initial step usually involves cleaning the tile bathroom to eliminate any soap residue, dirt, and oils before the chips and cracking are filled. The refinishers then apply a new coat to the grout to ensure it lines are even. The primer helps to prepare the ceramic surface for glazing before the new refinishing coat is applied. Note that it also provides the surface with a long-lasting, durable finish.

Is it Okay if I continue with the same look?

We all know that every person has their own unique style and preference when it comes to color patterns. If you think it’s to change the old look of your bathroom or still want to retain the same colors and appearance, Fort Lauderdale Refinishing Experts will tailor the color scheme of your tiles to suit your style and preferences. It’s time you renewed and refreshed the appearance and look of your tiles completely. Our professionals will use effective products and employ specialized techniques to redefine your bathroom space.

If you’re planning or interested in tile refinishing for your Fort Lauderdale home, the professionals at All American Refinishing will be happy to help.

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