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Selling your Home? Refinishing your Kitchen and Bathroom Will Help

If you’ve tried listing your home for sale in the recent past, you know how challenging it is to sell. Every buyer that comes your way has high expectations from you especially on the condition of the house. Buyers are usually turned off by a bathroom space or a kitchen that doesn’t seem to be in pristine condition. It’s without a doubt that the condition of these two rooms plays a bigger role in selling a home.

If you’re planning to sell your house, it’s time you ensured it’s in the best shape possible. Of course, there are many areas that you might have thought of renovating and repairing. You don’t want to lose a potential buyer because of one or two things in your home that look like a sore thumb. From having home additions to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, you want to make your home more attractive to buyers.

It’s important to note that recent home improvement projects, make your home sell faster. More importantly, having a kitchen and bathroom remodel can make your house more attractive and appealing to potential buyers. As a leading kitchen and bathroom refinishing contractor in Fort Lauderdale, FL area, we recommend refinishing your kitchen and bathroom rather than spending thousands of dollars in a full remodel. A complete Fort Lauderdale Kitchen Remodel can cost up to $50,000. Need more convincing? Keep reading to see why you should go for refinishing rather than a full remodel.

Countertop Refinishing If your kitchen countertops are structurally sound and just need a facelift, don’t be quick to spend a lot of money on costly replacements. Hiring a professional Fort Lauderdale Kitchen Refinishing Company would help to revitalize your kitchen space at a lesser cost completely. The cost of refinishing your countertops is about four times less the total cost of replacing them and can significantly increase your home’s value.

Kitchen Refinishing As mentioned, a complete kitchen remodeling project can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. The last thing every homeowner wants to do when selling their home, is to spend their life savings updating a home they don’t intend to live in or use for a long time. Refinishing your kitchen countertops and appliances is a great way to update your kitchen with a brand new look. All American Refinishing can help restore your kitchen fixtures to their original look. Your guests and potential buyers will be convinced they’ve all been installed recently.

Bathroom Refinishing Well, there’s nothing wrong with tearing out your shower tile or old tub and replacing them. However, refinishing your bathroom fixtures will end up costing less while still giving you the same results. The bathroom is as important as the kitchen from a home buyer’s viewpoint. Of course, no one is willing to walk into a stained bathroom that has never been touched since the 80’s. Bathroom remodeling can be costly just like a kitchen remodel. Bathroom refinishing is a less expensive way to update your bathroom. You won’t have to dip into your savings.

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