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Why Kitchen Cabinet refinishing is Better than Refacing

Homeowners are often faced with the chore of choosing between kitchen cabinet refinishing and kitchen cabinet refacing. If you’re yet to reach this point, you haven’t probably decided to make some style changes to your home or kitchen space. Maybe we should have a look at the difference between these two terms, refacing and refinishing. Refacing simply means giving the visible surfaces of your cabinet a facelift while refinishing refers to keeping all the components of your kitchen cabinetry but only making changes in the finish or color of the cabinet.

Cabinet refinishing is usually done either by stripping the existing finish using chemicals or hand sanding before a new paint or coat is applied. Refacing, on the other hand, involves replacing all your kitchen cabinet drawer fronts and doors and keeping the boxes. With the help of experienced professionals at Fort Lauderdale’s best refinishing Company, you can make the right decision that will work better for years. Here are reasons why cabinet refinishing is not only more popular, but also better than refacing.

Less Expensive

Every homeowner work hard to make sure everything is within their budget. If you’re one of those operating on a budget, the less costly option of completing your home improvement project would be refinishing your cabinets. Rather than spending more money on a complete kitchen remodel or refacing your cabinets, you can save money on cabinet refinishing. The process of refinishing your cabinets is not only less costly but also incredibly simple.

Efficient and Convenient

Cabinet refacing can be an overwhelming task especially when it comes to the amount of time and energy you have to put in researching for ideas and implementing the project. You’ll spend more on labor and materials as well. On the other hand, cabinet refinishing requires significantly less amount of time and energy and is more convenient for everyone at your home. The process simply involves utilizing the existing surface of your cabinet and redesigning it for a fresh new look.

Keeping the Design and achieving Long-Lasting Results

In most cases, you’re looking for a way to make changes in your kitchen, rather than replacing something. As mentioned, cabinet refacing involves altering the design of your cabinets. You don’t have to replace anything on your cabinetry if you’re still attached and used to the overall look and design of your cabinets. You can simply hire a reputable Fort Lauderdale Kitchen Refinishing Contractor to help you choose a different paint or stain before refinishing your cabinet with a different color. It’s also important to note that cabinet refinishing provides you with a more long-lasting solution for your money than cabinet refacing.

Cabinet Refinishing gives you More Options

Unlike cabinet refacing where you can be restricted or rather limited to specific refacing ideas and colors, cabinet refinishing provides you many color options to choose from. You have a wide range of colors that you can creatively choose to apply to your existing cabinets.

With so many advantages, it’s so clear to understand why the refinishing professionals at All American Refinishing Inc. highly recommend refinishing your Fort Lauderdale bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

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