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Bathtub & shower liners, is that the best option?

Bathtub Refinishing News: Bathtub & shower liners, is that the best option?

Welcome back to All American you finishing informative videos. My Name is Art, director of operation for a company that's been in business 20 years. In this video I'd like to discuss, Those aligners that you see in the malls or these bath fitters as they call them and have you ever wonder what the costs are? Something like this is normally runs anywhere between $1,600 a month to over $7,000 painting on look depending on the accessories that comes in there and yes, they claim that it takes one day, it takes one day to installed that. That is correct. There is no demolition, there is no smell, but in actuality it's it. They start to crack after awhile they start to separate between the scenes and then the other problem that you get is once that separation starts to occur, you'll start getting water behind the surfaces and as we get the mold, we've done a lot of repairs on cracked showers, cracked floors, crack walls and they can be quite expensive.

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Have you heard of a new product that we'll be introducing? This product is called primacy. We are going to showcases product on a very shortly enough next uh, in a couple of weeks. Next videos we'll show you a new uh, new technique and new product that I mentioned earlier of what this is all about as no smell. It can be custom 20 color that you want. It can be applied on shop floors, on walls, it can imply on pool surfaces, concrete, you'll see us educational videos and you see pictures of it. We will be the exclusive distributor of this particular product. We will be the installer as well of this product and being real and look out in the next several weeks of what we're talking about. Cause I think we are excited about this product that incidentally has been in business since 1997. The company that is very, very strong out in the west coast, California, Las Vegas area.

They have done tremendous amount of work for the Pentagon. They have done the Bellagio, the of New York, they have done Walt Disney world and now we are bringing that product into the east coast particular Florida because we feel it's a huge market. And again, dealing with a company that has been in business for that long period of time. Marrying with us that we also have been in business for this long period of time I think is going to be a great product and a waste service kind of low cost that will replace bath & shower liners that you see in these homes. As I mentioned earlier, the liners are very expensive. Yes, it takes one day as opposed to what we're offering now, which is permissible. It's at a fraction of the cost. For example, a liner to cost $7,000 where comparable perma seal cost $2,500. depending on the square footage, and again the longevity is a lot longer and their appeal will never crack, water tight, water seal a lot more benefits, less expensive.

Be on the look out, again to show you that product will show you videos about it educational and don't forget the refinishing is still the number one party for our company and still offer that. This is the way you segway of what we're offering in the future. If you'd like to find more about this product, learn a little bit more. Call us at 954-527-2725 again, we finish bathtubs, we finish your shower, you want to refinish your countertop. We refinish your Jacuzzi, please call us at 954-527-2725 look us up at our website, Thank you.

We also provide Commercial Bath & Kitchen refinishing services throuthout Dade & Broward Counties

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