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Perma Seal, The Future of Refinishing

All American Refinishing of South Florida introduces Perma Seal to the Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach markets.

Welcome back to our video of the month with all American refinishing. In this video, I would like to introduce a new service that we've been promoting for a little bit, but now it's up and running and we are actually, uh, servicing the Tristate area as they'd say, and it's called PERMA seal as permit seal is a new product and a new service that what we'll do is we trial our particular, it's a surface with a cement like a substance. Basically what that does is it seals everything for these showers that people are constantly having problems with leaks. This is your solution. Unlike refinishing where we spray the process, this particular process is trial with like with again, a segment like a material that will seal everything in the bathroom. It will eliminate the leaks that you have in between the tiles and the shower floors, uh, permanent. It will also, prevents you from a meld, mildew, stains and what have you. It's almost permanent. Unlike these liners that people are putting in their bathrooms, that after awhile they get discolored or the separate between the walls and the shower floors. This will never happen. It will again eliminate, uh, the leaks from second floors, uh, homes to the first floor. It will eliminate the leaks on the floors so that you don't have to worry about, uh, damaging, uh, uh, areas, uh, outside of that bathroom. It comes in a row, a rye, a Y, weight of colors. I'm sorry. Oh, and, uh, we can make almost any design, check out some of the pictures of before and after and you can see what I'm talking about. And the cost is still going to be a lot cheaper than replacing and ripping everything else along with all those problems that people have when it comes to that. This process has already been done for many years. It's very popular out West in the, uh, Midwest and California area. Uh, the Bellagio has used the Pentagon has used this, Walt Disney has uses and now we are introducing the product and the service and in the Florida region, we look forward to helping you out with this. Give us a little, give us a thumbs up if you like this video. If you subscribe to our channel. And we can, uh, educate you a little bit more on the process. And again, thank you for looking into this new premise here that we highly are excited about and looking forward to assisting you in not only the perma seal service, but also the reglazing as well. Give us a call at 954-527-2725. And look us up on the web, thank you.

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