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Hotel Bathtub Refinishing

Restore Your Hotels Bathrooms’ Brilliance with All American Refinishing Inc., Industry Leading Bathtub Refinishing Services

A hotel’s bathtub and shower unit is the one thing every guest will use during their stay. In order to make a lasting impression, hotel and resort managers need to ensure their bathtubs and showers are visually appealing and sanitary for every guest. Safe Step’s bathtub resurfacing and refinishing services give a stunning brilliance to even the most worn hotel bathtubs and protect them from future unsightly wear and damage.

Properties we serve:

  • Apartments

  • Facility Maintenance

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Military Housing

  • Senior Leaving

  • Universities and Colleges

We’ll inspect your property, and discuss your budget & timeline. We’ll prepare a detailed project quote and timeline for your approval.

Our special commercial pricing, proprietary refinishing process and guarantee against peeling means you get the best value for your money.

Our team can put multiple bathroom fixtures back to service in a just ONE day.

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