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The Bathroom Refinishing Pros

September 16, 2019

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Benefits of Bathroom Refinishing

July 20, 2020

Refinishing your bathtub or the entire bathroom is a simple, cost effective way to provide your bathroom with a completely new look. After all, why would you want the place where you go to get clean, to look and feel dirty? With All American Refinishing a worn out, stained, and chipped bathtub is a thing of the past. Before you spend your hard-earned money for a new bathtub or a complete bathroom remodel, consider refinishing your bathroom instead.

Here are some advantages of refinishing over replacement:

  • Refinishing Saves Time: Replacement includes replacing the walls, tiles, wallboard, tile floor and subfloor; plus the pipes and hardware that are damaged during the removal process. This is extremely time consuming. As opposed to refinishing, which in just two to three days, you’ll have glistening tiles and countertops again, without the cleanup that comes from a messy demolition and reconstruction.

  • Refinishing Saves Money: Refinishing is much cheaper than replacement, often costing up to 90% less than a traditional bathroom remodel. You’ll get a similar result and save thousands of dollars doing so. Better yet, you won’t need to pay the plumbers fee in addition to the remodeling contractor.

  • The Results Are Amazing: Refinishing will make your bathroom look like new. You can even choose to refinish and keep your existing colors and patterns or opt for a whole new design, for a new look and feel.

  • You get to keep your existing tub. Many older bathtubs have a unique character that fit your home, especially if you have a claw foot or another ornate design. Refinishing can restore its former beauty while keeping the original “feel” of the bathroom. Don’t throw out that old bathtub just because it’s old, rather refinish and save a piece of your home's unique character.