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Bathtub Refinishing vs Bathtub Liners

When it comes to refinishing your bathroom, your tub is probably the first thing that you consider updating. With all the different options for refinishing your bathtub, which one should you choose? In this blog we will discuss two of the most popular options, bath tub refinishing vs. bath tub liners.

Bathroom Refinishing Services Hollywood

What's the Difference?

  • Refinishing: The surface of your tub is cleaned, sanded, patched, and painted over on top of your existing surface. It's not just ordinary paint but rather a special coating made specifically for bathtubs. DIY kits are available for refinishing a tub, however they generally produce a lower quality than professional application.

  • Bathtub Liners: First your current bathtub is measured by a contractor or technician. The liner is installed on top of the old bathtub and around the fixtures. The fixtures are then installed over the liner.


A bathtub liner can cost approximately $1,500 to install. That's not even including wall surrounds or other upgraded features, which in total can cost upwards of $4,000!

Refinishing a bathtub typically ranges between $300-$600 depending upon the condition of the bathtub. If you decide to also refinish the surrounding tile you can expect to spend around $800 - $1500 for the entire job.


Bathtub liners require a home visit to measure and fit exactly to your tub. Once your measurements are taken your liner begins the fabrication process which can take a week or more to complete. The installation can take a day or two but you are looking at a week plus for the entire installation.

Refinishing a bathtub and surrounding tile typically takes one day to finish. You simply schedule with your contractor to prep and refinish your bathtub. Choose a standard color, which can be selected over the phone. Your new bathroom can be ready the next day or the very same day in some circumstances.

Bathroom Refinishing Services Hollywood


Not only will the coating last for years, even decades but the look will be that of your original tub since it's the actual surface of the tub that is being coated. Be sure not to use harsh abrasive powders or scrubbers to maintain the new finish.

Liners are plastic and look like plastic. Even if the fitment is precise they can still add inches to your existing tub. Also if they are scratched or damaged water can seep under the liner causing an odor and squishy feel to your tub. Contact All American Refinishing today for the bathroom of your dreams.

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