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All American Refinishing Marks Eighteenth Anniversary in Bathtub Repair Industry

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - April 9, 2018 /MarketersMedia/ — Though the kitchen continues to hold its position as the most-used room in America's homes, the bathroom is rapidly gaining ground. Recent surveys show the average person devotes an estimated 60 hours per year to bathing, exerting considerable wear and tear on tubs and showers. This comes as no surprise to the kitchen and bathroom restoration team at All American Refinishing who have seen the effects of extensive use firsthand. In fact, company spokesperson Art Boutin recently announced that the company will soon be celebrating its eighteenth anniversary in providing the bathtub repair Miami residents regularly seek.

"Depending on the material, bathtubs are designed last anywhere from 10 to 25 years with moderate use," said Boutin, "but plenty of factors can chip away at a tub's lifespan. Most are subjected to far more abuse than manufacturers plan for, especially when large families are involved or in commercial settings like hotels and apartment complexes. Certain bath products and chemical-based cleaners further weaken the original finish, leaving tubs looking much worse for wear. Our signature bathtub reglazing process erases damage, leaving surfaces looking like new."

Based on information from the All American Refinishing website, the spray-on coating used in the company's bathtub repair process generates a non-porous finish designed to resist stains and corrosive substances. The product can be used on fiberglass, ceramic and acrylic tubs as well as sinks, vanities, tiles, countertops and cabinets. Repair generally takes three to four hours with surfaces being usable a few hours after completion. Numerous colors and textures are available.

Before the restoration process begins, existing surfaces are cleaned, and chips and cracks are filled. Following preparation, a coating is applied which bonds with the original surface being repaired or updated. After being allowed to harden, the re-glazing material is said to resist conventional damage while withstanding repeated use. Care instructions are typically similar to those of fixtures' original surfaces.

Concluded Boutin, "We've helped thousands of home and business owners transform their kitchens and bathrooms for a fraction of the cost of replacement. After we apply our signature finish, customers can virtually double the lives of their tubs, sinks, kitchen counters and other fixtures. We're proud to offer a time-tested and cost-effective alternative to replacement or tub relining and look forward to many more years of providing fast, affordable bathtub repair in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas."

About All American Refinishing:

Established in 2000, All American Refinishing proudly provides quality products and outstanding craftsmanship to clients in both residential and commercial markets.

Contact Info: Name: Art Boutin Email: Organization: All American Refinishing Address: 3350 SW 3rd Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 Phone: 954-527-2725


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