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Bathtub Refinishing And Reglazing

Bathtubs can often be restored to like-new condition, or else updated with a modern refinishing or reglazing. Not only will your refinished bathtub look better, but it will also be better protected against water, mold, and other environmental threats.

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Of course, you could always replace your bathtub. However, there are several benefits to reglazing/refinishing your tub instead, including:

  • Lower costs

  • Less waste (save a tub from the landfill!)

  • All work is done on-site

  • Your tub stays in place

  • Work can often be completed more quickly

Ultimately, reglazing and refinishing your bathtub is easier on the environment, your wallet, and your life. Yet the end product will be a bathtub that looks new, or often enough, even better than new.


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