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Choosing the Right Kitchen and Bathroom Refinishing Contractor

If you’ve ever listed a home for sale, you know that remodels on the bathrooms and kitchen warrants the highest return on investment. Let’s just say these are two rooms that sell homes. It’s important to note that a bathroom and kitchen refinishing project can completely transform your living space into your dream room. Refinishing your kitchen or bathroom has more advantages compared to replacing some of your fixtures.

In addition to saving you money and time, bathroom and kitchen refinishing achieves the same results as replacing your fixtures and is faster. Since you homeowners spend most of their time in these two rooms each day, refinishing gives them the opportunity to continue using them without any disruptions. If you want to achieve your desired goal and result, you must get it right when hiring a reliable Fort Lauderdale Refinishing Contractor. We both know that the process of finding the right professional can be challenging due to the huge number of companies claiming to offer these services out there. With these guidelines, your task of finding a reliable Kitchen or Bathroom Refinishing Professional in Fort Lauderdale is made easier.

Ask for References

Whether the company has been recommended to you by a friend or you just found their contact details online, be sure to request for a list of their past customers. A company might look professional and perfect on paper but deliver contrary results. Find out if past customers were satisfied with the service they received. Was the contractor honest with their prices? Were they responsive in their communication? Did the contractor meet their needs? You can ask anything and everything you want to know about the refinishing contractor. By requesting for references, you’ll have the chance to know exactly what to expect and decide whether or not the contractor will meet your needs.

Check out the Contractor’s Portfolio

No matter how professional or friendly their employees look, it’s important to find out the kind of work the contractor does. That means you need to request for the company’s portfolio so you can review and see their work. That’s the only way to determine whether or not their work is up to your standards. It will also help you see if they can deliver to your satisfaction. If you’re impressed and satisfied with their Fort Lauderdale kitchen and bathroom refinishing skills, go ahead and hire them. If not, continue with your search.

Don’t forget to discuss your Needs and Vision

Perhaps you have two or three contractors in mind, and you’re still not sure which one to choose. Go ahead and discuss with each of the contractors your specific requirements and needs and see their reaction or rather response. You can then narrow down to the most suitable contractor that looks like-minded to your aesthetic values and needs. It’s important that the results reflect your preference and tastes.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, All American Refinishing has earned a reputation as the most reputable and reliable bathroom and kitchen refinishing specialist. From kitchen cabinets to bathroom countertops, we will leave you with an attractive and beautiful space. Let us take care of all your refinishing and resurfacing needs.


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