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Raise the Value of Your Home with These Six Remodeling Tips

Raise the Value of Your Home with These Six Remodeling Tips

With the rising cost of living, it's easy to let your home fall into disrepair. Six simple tips can help you make those necessary repairs and improvements so that when selling or buying a house someday in the future there will be no question about why someone would want this place!

A furlough is an unfortunate situation, but it can give you time to get your house in order. Now would be the perfect opportunity for a thorough cleaning and organizing session with all those extra hours on hand!

I'm sure looking through my attic or basement wouldn't take long at all - why don’t we start there first? You could sort through old clothes that have been sitting around since high school graduation; determine what items are valuable enough not only keep versus selling (you'll want something worth remembering after this pandemic ends), then pack up whatever goes into garbage bags along its route towards eternal rest.

Consider Curb Appeal

They say prospective buyers make an unconscious decision about your home within 20 seconds of pulling up by the curb.

If the exterior is in need of a little tender loving care, consider the following. A new coat of masonry paint. Window frames and door frames power washed and repainted. A new front door added or painted in an attractive accent color.

Guttering, downpipes, and soffits replaced if required, and any cracked, broken, and replacing any missing roofing tiles/shingles can go a long way. All these will make a massive difference to your home’s curb appeal.

If you just want to brighten-up the bathroom, paint it a light, neutral color like Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams (to name one of many!).

This is where All American Refinishing steps in to add that extra value to your home.

Tub refinishing, sink refinishing, tile reglazing, shower refinishing & cabinet refinishing.

Call today for your estimate 1-954-527-2725


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