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Refinishing your Bathroom or Kitchen 5 Benefits

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There are plenty of options and alternatives when it comes to ensuring your home looks more beautiful and attractive. At least every homeowner has ever been in a position where they considered either to completely replace or refinish the fixtures in their bathroom or kitchen. In most cases, homeowners get confused, or they just cannot be sure which option to choose. Well, the initial step should be to consult with a Fort Lauderdale Bathroom and Kitchen Refinishing contractor to find out the benefits of refinishing fixtures such as countertops, tiles, and the shower.

If your goal is to restore your fixtures to the lustrous shine and beautiful look they had when they were initially installed, refinishing would be the best option. All American Refinishing is a complete Bathroom and Kitchen Refinishing Company serving the Fort Lauderdale area for years and is known for excellent refinishing work and exceptional customer service. Find out the benefits of refinishing your bathroom and kitchen here.


We both know that everyone has a role to play in conserving, preserving, and protecting our environment today. You also have a part to fulfill, and you can achieve it by refinishing your bathroom or kitchen instead of replacing it. Bathroom or kitchen refinishing is a great way to recycle. When you let our technicians refinish your sink, countertop, or tiles, you’ll be protecting the environment since the landfills will receive less waste.

Saves Time and Money

Think about it. You spend thousands of dollars to replace your bathroom fixtures when you can hire a Fort Lauderdale Refinishing Contractor with less money to achieve the same result. Refinishing can save up to seventy percent of the total replacement costs. Furthermore, remodeling your bathroom or kitchen comes with a lot of responsibilities, hassle, and disruptions to your daily activities. With refinishing, you won’t have to deal with any cleanup, disruptions, or demolitions. All this helps to save a lot of time.


When you hire us to refinish your kitchen or bathroom in Fort Lauderdale, your fixtures can last up to 10 to 15 years. Of course, you must commit to maintaining the fixtures properly to ensure they last longer. After your fixtures have been refinished, avoid using bleach or any abrasive cleaner. When your fixtures have been refinished, it becomes easy to clean and maintain them.

The Results are Amazing

We already mentioned the fact that refinishing achieves the same results as replacing your fixtures. Our Fort Lauderdale Refinishing technicians will refinish your bathroom countertops and kitchen tiles to look like new fixtures. Whether you want a whole new design or you simply want to refinish the existing patterns and colors, you’ll achieve amazing results.

Fast and Friendly

Every homeowner spends most of their time in these two rooms; the bathroom and the kitchen. Let’s just say they are the busiest rooms in every home. Opting for the traditional bathroom or kitchen remodeling would mean inconveniencing your entire family since this is likely to take a couple of days or even weeks to complete. All American Refinishing can refinish your fixtures within a day, without any disruptions.

Tub refinishing, sink refinishing, tile reglazing, shower refinishing & cabinet refinishing.

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