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Professional Bathtub Refinishing Miami Homeowners

bathtub refinishing miami

Of all home improvement projects you can undertake, bathroom and kitchen remodeling are known to provide homeowners with the highest return on investment when selling their homes. All American Refinishing, the bathroom and kitchen refinishing experts in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, FL, explains the different steps involved in bathtub refinishing.

If your bathtub looks discolored, stained, or has developed some cracks, there no need of spending thousands of dollars replacing it. Bathtub refinishing will not only save you money and time but can restore the lustrous and attractive look at a much lower cost. You can improve the look and value of your home with kitchen or bathroom refinishing. Here are the steps involved with bathtub refinishing.

Preparing the Site

Whether you’re dealing with kitchen cabinets or your bathroom fixtures, the first step should be to prepare the site. Preparing the site, in this case, involves ensuring that all the other areas in your kitchen or bathroom are secured. Any area that might be affected by overspray or dust arising from the refinishing process is covered and protected using heavy plastic or any other type of covering.

Sanding Down of the Existing Finish

The bathroom refinishing professionals will then go ahead and sand down the existing finish before they start they start dealing with the imperfections. The purpose of this step is to create a new surface where the new finish will be applied.

Fixing the cracks and other imperfections

The next step involves assessing the surface of your tub for any cracks and imperfections before fixing them.

Application of the Primer and the New Finish

Once the imperfections have been addressed and proper preparations made, the refinishing professional will apply a primer to your bathtub first, then a new refinishing coat. You should allow your newly refinished tub to cure for about twenty-four hours before you start using it.

If you’ve never considered refinishing your bathtub, it’s time you hired the best bathroom refinishing professionals in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our professionals will give your entire bathroom space a makeover.


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