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Refinish Your Bathtub Before Your Holiday Guest Arrive

Bathtubs get a lot of use and abuse over the years. They can develop scratches, cracks, and stains that will lessen their appeal and mar the overall appearance of your bathroom.

reglaze bathtub Miami

The first consideration may be to rip out the old tub and completely replace it. But for a much more affordable price, the better option is to have your tub resurfaced by All American Refinishing, Inc, the experts in bathtub refinishing in Dade & Broward Counties Florida. Our bathtub refinishing process can save you as much as 80 percent on the installation of a new tub. In addition to bringing the tub back to pristine condition, you can also get a new look by changing its color to suit a remodeling project. Our process also fully sanitizes the tub so it is like new.

Contact the #1 Bathroom refinishing company in Dade and Broward, Call today for your estimate 1-954-527-2725


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