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Tub Reglazing - Fort Lauderdale's Best

When your tub or shower are shot, consider an alternative to replacement: refinishing your bathtub.

What's the best solution in terms of your eventual product? Replacement, of course. But when other factors are added, your thoughts about replacement might change. Here's why:

  • The cost of the new bathtub is only the beginning. Visit a home improvement store, and you will find cheap tubs. Currently, you can get a standard 5 ft. Porcelain enamel metal tub for $134. But add in the cost of a contractor, demolition, removal, landfill fees, tilers, and a plumber, and the total cost of the job has ballooned.

  • Relining a tub is pricey, and it merely covers up the problem. At prices equal to or greater than refinishing, bathtub liners are not the bargain option.

  • You can install an acrylic liner, but it is still costly, and it only covers up your bathroom problems. Compared to all that, refinishing your tub looks pretty good.


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