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Jacuzzi Refinishing

South Florida's Best Jacuzzi Refinishing, Hot Tub Restoration

Popping Bubbles in Spa
All Bubbles Popped in Spa
Apply Coat of Permaseal
Rolling and Brushing Sealer
Finished Coat of Permaseal
Restore Spa/Jacuzzi

View our 6 step Jacuzzi restoration project above

1. Popping Bubbles

2. All Bubbles Popped

3. Apply Coat of PermasealLearn more about Permaseal here > 

4. Rolling and Brushing Sealer

5. Finished Coat of Permaseal

6 Restored Jacuzzi Hot Tube

Why You Should Refinish & NOT Replace Your Jacuzzi or Hot Tube?


For over 18 years All American Refinishing, Inc. has been assisting companies, gov’t agency, hotel chains, cruise lines and homeowners in restoring their Jacuzzi and Hot Tube surfaces at a fraction of the cost of replacing.


For example:

This Jacuzzi located in a mega yacht was dirty with grime and scratches to replace, it would cost  in excess of 75K.  We acid wash the surface, sanded the spa to get rid of the scratches.  Than we proceeded to polish using special cleaners and finished by sealing the entire surface.


The Above Hot Tube Spa Came Back to a New Long Lasting Finish. 


Whether the hot tube spa has a hole, or it’s bubbling or the surface is no longer smooth we can repair it at a fraction of replacing.


We can do this on bathtubs (any surface), roman spa, liners, hot tubs and Jacuzzis among other surfaces.


Give us a call and see how much we can save you. (954)527-2725

BEFORE spa in yacht
finished spa in mega yacht
yacht Jacuzzi reglazing
yacht Jacuzzi refinishing
Bathroom Refinishing & Restoration
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