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Covid-19 Update, Here to Protect and Serve our Clients

Thank you for visiting all America refinishing.

This is a video in reference to all the phone calls we're getting regarding the necessary precautions we were taking for you as our customer and also our employees.

We are providing all our technicians with these masks that protect you, our customer, and also our technicians where any airborne particles that may be in the vicinity there also are in these suits to protect themselves as well. And of course they were in these gloves so that any items that they touch, they're protected. And also the cleaners that we use rest assured by industrial cleaners and they clean everything and they kill any bacteria that they may find, either on tiles, wall tiles, or any surfaces that we will be applying our resins.

So please be safe and rest assured as a company, we are here to safeguard not only you as our customer, but our employees. And if you need our services, please call us at (954) 527-2725. Thank you.

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