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If you can buy a new bathtub for about the same cost as getting one refinished, why not just buy a n

You can buy a brand new bathtub for as little as $300, but you can't replace it for that same $300. Why? Because houses are built around bathtubs and the most expensive part of replacing a bathtub is definitely not the cost of the new tub.

As a matter of fact, most of the expense of replacement is initially hidden. What are some of these hidden costs?

Bathtub removal and disposal costs

Can you physically remove the tub yourself, get it out of the bathroom or through the front door? If you can, how will you dispose of it?

Even if you do get that far in the process of removing the tub, part of the bathroom tile will surely be torn away, and the plumbing for the new tub may not fit the old plumbing fixtures at all.

So now you may need to hire a plumber and a tile man as well.

That's how you could easily end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing a $300 bathtub.

So what makes refinishing an existing tub a better option?

The durability of a refinished bathtub is very similar to that of a brand new bathtub. If properly maintained, a refinished surface could last 20 years, just as a brand new bathtub would.

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