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Bring New Life To Your Kitchen

Whether you’re planning a full kitchen remodel or are looking to refresh your space, refinishing your kitchen cabinets instead of completely replacing them will benefit you for years to come. Kitchen cabinets can have a lifespan upwards of 50 years but even cabinets that are 20 years old can look worn or outdated if not properly maintained. If your kitchen cabinets are lacking their original luster, don’t throw them out just yet. Instead, consider All American Refinishing to bring new life to your existing cabinets. Refinishing your cabinets will give your space an entirely new look and feel without demolishing your current cabinets and save you the time and money that comes with a major kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Miami

There are numerous advantages to refinishing your kitchen cabinets. Probably, the first and most important reason is that it reduces the cost of a kitchen remodel. Choosing to refurbish your kitchen cabinets can cost approximately one-third of the cost of replacing your old cabinets with new ones. With kitchen cabinet refinishing, there is no need to destroy existing cabinets, which means that there is less potential for damage to the walls. It is also less time-consuming. Replacing your cabinets can take anywhere from weeks to months to complete. As opposed to refinishing your cabinets, with the entire process completed in under a week and typically only taking a few days. Refinishing is also a better option if you want to get a look that is more fitting the style of the rest of your home. If you have an antique or classic home, you may want to keep the original look of the home by simply updating the cabinets with new paint, finish, or hardware to get a combined look of modern with the home's original classic charm.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Miami

Some of the factors to consider when determining whether to refinish kitchen cabinets are:

  • Your Cabinets Are In Good Shape: If your cabinets simply need to be cleaned or scrubbed to get rid of a dull look, refinishing is a good solution. It’s not as involved as refacing, but it will make your cabinets look new again.

  • You Don’t Want To Replace Your Cabinets: If you like the aesthetic of your cabinets but wish they didn’t look so worn, All American Refinishing will save you the time and money of a full replacement.

  • You Can’t Afford Extensive Remodeling: If you wish to upgrade your kitchen but you don’t have the budget for a full remodel, refinishing your cabinets is a great compromise. It will restore the shine and luster to your cabinets and your kitchen overall, without going over your budget.

  • Your Cabinets Need An Update: Kitchen cabinets are one of the most used items in a household. After years of wear and tear, wood can only take so much opening and closing, messy hands, and grease splatters before it shows its age.

  • Your Cabinets Are Unclean: If your cabinets constantly feel dirty no matter how hard you scrub, refinishing can help. All those years of wear and tear, messy hands, and grease splatters add up.

Refinishing your old kitchen cabinets consists of covering the exterior surfaces with new veneers, moldings, and hardware. Wood kitchen cabinets can be refinished with a new paint color or stain. Refinish your kitchen cabinets and update the look of your kitchen, increase the value of your home, keep the original charm and feel, all without breaking the bank. The list of benefits goes on and on. Contact All American Refinishing to make one of the best investments in your home today!

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