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Raise the Value of Your Home with These Six Remodeling Tips

Raise the Value of Your Home with These Six Remodeling Tips

Work and raising a young family takes preference over most things; and in many cases, house maintenance, repairs, and improvements are continuously put on the back shelf.

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of being furloughed due to the current pandemic, and are maybe considering selling your house, have you considered using the extra time to get the value of your home back up to scratch?

Now would be a good time to take stock, and consider these six steps to get the value of your home back to where it should be, and maximize its value.

Consider Curb Appeal

They say prospective buyers make an unconscious decision about your home within 20 seconds of pulling up by the curb.

If the exterior is in need of a little tender loving care, consider the following. A new coat of masonry paint. Window frames and door frames power washed and repainted. A new front door added or painted in an attractive accent color.

Guttering, downpipes, and soffits replaced if required, and any cracked, broken, and replacing any missing roofing tiles/shingles can go a long way. All these will make a massive difference to your home’s curb appeal.

If you just want to brighten-up the bathroom, paint it a light, neutral color like Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams (to name one of many!).

This is where All American Refinishing steps in to add that extra value to your home.

Tub refinishing, sink refinishing, tile reglazing, shower refinishing & cabinet refinishing.

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