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Tub Refinishing, NOT a DIY Project

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects often save time and money, but refinishing a bathtub is NOT one of them. Save yourself some time and money and call a licensed, bonded & insurance Bathtub Refinishing company.

Above is a Home Depot DIY Kit, Tub started to peel. Next picture is after our professional tub reglazing process.

Bathtub refinishing, shower resurfacing or bathroom sink reglazing is a process that requires skilled talent and expertise to get a high quality look and feel. It takes hundreds of hours of practice and experience in applying the new spray-on surface for the finish to turn out evenly smooth and glossy without any runs or flaws. A do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing kit will never be able to match the glossy finish or smooth feel that our high quality experienced technician can obtain. Some jobs simply need more skill, and reglazing a bathtub is one of them.

The process of resurfacing your tub requires that you do extensive work on the surface in order to make sure it's ready for new particles and chemicals. If preparation isn't thorough enough, then all those new products will quickly start coming off after just one use!

Call today for your estimate:

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